Summer in touristic village in Salento

The memories of the beautiful summer in the Salento village still travel in the air, and the joys of another warm season are already at the horizon.

Summer 2018 is coming and the characteristic villages of Salento reopen their doors to another exciting bathing season, in the spirit of convenience and the charm of a sunny holiday.

The villages near the sea of Salento reopen the doors of their establishments on the beach and everything seems to come back to life.

When summer arrives in a village of Salento, the long-awaited moment of resting, besides filling up with sun and sea, finds a valid support in these structures, used to give a touch of color to your holiday.

Holiday resort support is truly exceptional, relying on a receptive model designed “for pleasure”, making us totally immersed in a totalizing state of wellbeing.

When the watchword is “take force” to support another year of working activity with serenity, the village promotes a cordial environment, in full Salento spirit, conquering more and more admirers of this particular receptive form and its multiple services.

The prestige of spending a hot summer in the village in Salento is given by the completeness of the services, increasingly dedicated ad personam, and by the possibility of dedicating oneself to interesting recreational activities.

the accommodations are arranged to favor a “return to nature”, with the typical artisan furnishings and the brightness of the spaces, while the solutions for overnight stays are many and are divided, depending on the structure, between apartments, one rooms apartment, rooms, chalets, etc

In the Salento stay offers during the summer you can find the most suitable solutions to plan your holidays, using all-inclusive packages or the residence formula, with the possibility to attend fitness courses, attending gyms and taking advantage of spa services.

Every summer in a Salento village it is possible to adapt one’s personal needs and aspirations to the preferred vacation model, whether in terms of leisure or relaxation.

Waiting that the summer arrives in a touristic village in the Salento, we can best organize an unforgettable holiday, which is identified, without a doubt, with good food and with access to various activities related to leisure, entertainment and wellness psycho-physical as a whole.

The splendid landscaped position of the Salento villages, such as those in the countryside and the villages near the sea, contributes to making your stay more enjoyable, as it allows you to discover and to know the area and its antrum of ancient beauty.

The villages of Salento, in fact, during the summer come alive with real fans of this magnificent place, rich in natural places and ancient culture, always ready to welcome, traditional good taste and mutual exchange.

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