Summer in Torre Pali Salento

When summer arrives in Torre Pali in the beautiful Salento, the atmosphere becomes irresistibly sunny, and this marina is populated by quiet and friendly people.

Torre Pali is, to date, one of the most desirable holiday destinations for tourists and lovers of travel in seaside areas.

The beautiful season of 2018 is almost upon us and everything comes to life in view of a bathing season that will revive the most beautiful moments between the long beach, which stretches sinuously towards the prestigious beach of the Maldives of Salento and the beautiful Marina of Pescoluse, and the Caribbean sea, symbol of the Salento d’amare.

The strategically fascinating landscape position of hotels, holiday villages, holiday homes and other accommodation facilities, the completeness of the services and the quiet life of the small village, honors the places of Torre Pali, electing it as one of the most popular destinations in the Salento.

Both the countryside areas, and those near the sea, allow you to discover the beauty of an area rich in history and culture beyond time, always dedicated to the culture of the guest, traditions and good food.

The beautiful weather that announces summer in Torre Pali in Salento, enriches this area with new life, as happens throughout the wonderful coast between Gallipoli and Santa Maria di Leuca: the beauty of its sea and the “wild” authenticity of its places, have given to Torre Pali the popular Blue Flag of Italy for many years.

In the southern part of the town, in the direction of Leuca, the golden beach, bordered by light Mediterranean scrub dunes, alternates with very short stretches of low rocks.

On the north side, instead, opens the cliff part, place of fishing and diving, which borders to the nearby Lido Marini.

In the heart of Torre Pali you can see the famous Saracen tower from 1500 a. C., suspended on a rock a few meters from the coast.

The historic look-out that heralded the arrival of the invaders by sea, is a symbol of the long journey that has written the pages of this peaceful “fishing village”, togheter with the monuments and discoveries made on the coastal territory and around the countryside.

Spending a summer stay in Torre Pali in Salento opens the knowledge to an area rich in beauty and steeped in history, connecting you to the quiet life of the marina, characterized by a prosperous fishing activity.

Here it is possible to holiday in one of the wonderful tourist facilities, take advantage of a complete holiday package according to one’s own aspirations, with the possibility to dedicate oneself to interesting recreational activities and to delight oneself with genuine food and traditional dishes of land and sea accompanied with a top quality Salento Oil.

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