Residence stay in Salento

An innovative way to spend the best Salento holidays, is offered by the Salento residence stay, a type of stay suitable for those looking for a low cost holiday in absolute autonomy, starting with the home management of their meals, up to freedom of movement in an environment more “intimate”.

In fact, the main feature of the residence formula is that of requesting an entire apartment  for its holiday, provided with kitchen, furniture and  living area too.

The Salento facilities have used these apartments as best they can, with all the necessary comforts for a good stay.

In the package offers with residence stay, customers must provide for the self cleaning of the accommodation, always if you do not look for an additional service to the pertinent accommodation facility.

In the apartments rented with the Salento residence stay, guests can manage their day according to the desired times and customs, with the possibility of preparing meals to their own taste and liking, we recommend the use of extra virgin olive oil from Salento olive, organize your outings and personalize your daily look, without the need to “get dressed up” for an informal dinner with friends and without being subjected to small rules of social etiquette.

This model of stay guarantees visitors in Salento to maintain their culinary habits or special diets even during the holidays and it is also a very practical way to make holidays more convenient from an economic point of view, because it is less then duty to eat out at every meal.

The  residence stay in Salento  is a satisfy way, therefore, to spend a holiday without following precise rules, choosing only personal schedules and tastes, with the advantage to stay in a fantastic territory to be discovered.

With the  residence stay in Salento  you can enjoy a medium o large size accommodation, compared to chalets, bungalows and furnished rooms.

The absence of time constraints, gives total freedom to manage your own recreational moments and personal relaxation, all at affordable prices.

You can decide, for example, to dedicate more time during the day to discover the territory, to visit the small historic centers of the hinterland, the majestic countryside or to enjoy long moments on the beach, to cool with the beautiful Salento sea.

The options are many, the fact is that the residence stay in Salento is very popular and appreciated for its versatility and convenient price.

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