Hotel services: what do they offer and what can they still offer?

The hotel hospitality market today is characterized by a demand that is increasingly aware of its preferences e

increasingly competent in assessing the quality of hotel service.

With the same structural requirements, such as infrastructure, furnishings and various equipment, the element of differentiation with respect to the competition is and will always be that of being able to offer and,

above all, guaranteeing quality hotel services, meaning however “quality of hotel service”,

not only that provided by the current star rating system,

which takes into consideration mainly quantitative and non-qualitative elements,

but above all that related to the most intangible expectations of the hotel product, which have an important impact on the feeling that is established between the structure, its staff and the customer.

The hotel service is, in fact, the final result of a series of tangible and intangible factors at the base of which plays a strategic importance

the organizational modality that allows the interaction between all these different aspects.

The UNI 10670 rule provides a clear definition of “hotel service”, regardless of the structural characteristics and size of the accommodation itself and,places great emphasis on the characteristic elements of the service,defending its essence, in terms of:courtesy, ability to respond to customer needs and continuous improvement and innovation.

Therefore, the aspects dealt with with reference to this Standard and its field of interest,relate to the characteristics of the service with regard to: organization, provision and control of the same, requirements on customer information, requirements for minimum and collateral services,with respect to accommodation, the selection and identifiability of personnel and the detection of customer satisfaction.

Among the primary objectives, there is certainly that of differentiating oneself by making the quality of one’s services emerge in a tangible and verifiable way;

that of having available a continuous and transparent communication tool about the quality of the service that,

thanks to the third-party verification activity, it acquires credibility and above all stands as a guarantee of consistency between statements and actions.


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